Blog Tours: Veasna’s Blog

Veasna Sao opens the door to a debate between gamers, console or PC? He uses his knowledge on the subject to introduce those who are not educated on the topic and also stimulates those with a great amount of knowledge on the debate. His use of language flows well making his pieces very easy to read and leaves the reader wanting more. By asking questions and provoking discussion I myself was prompted to take a stand on the issue.


Author Analyzations…

Veasna takes the time to look at the works of others interested in his topic of study and provided a great analyzation of the works of Johnathan Leck. It is a great place for his reader to start because the beginning of the blog introduces his topic and outlines ideas he has for coming weeks. Veasna picks apart the authors blog piece by piece and I also noticed he used a similar format in his weekly post. “The reason loved that Jonathan used the top 10 most popular games is because it gives the reader the chance to see what those games are for each platform. Also, it provides the reader with a selection of games that they could be interesting to them” (Sao, 1), here he discuses something that really invited the reader to take a look at the blog he studied.


Weekly Posts…

In his weekly posts Veasna provides a whip around comparison of video gaming consoles and PC’s. He compares multiple features of each platform and highlights what each of them lacks compared to its competition. The post I chose to look at most was his post on Xbox v. PlayStation. I was able to relate to this because I could understand most of the language he was using in this post and it made it a little more enjoyable for me to read. I own an Xbox so I was a little biased going in to the post but Veasna provided info that I was able to use in order to back up my claim that the Xbox was better than a PlayStation. He did this by using factual information such as, “In the PlayStation 4, it uses s GDDR5 ram instead of the DDR3 ram that the Xbox One has”, and also by using reason, “One reason I liked the PlayStation 4 more than the Xbox One is that the majority of friends have a PlayStation 4. Lastly I just find that the PlayStation 4 is more fun and better suited for what I want in console gaming”.

In Conclusion…

I would recommend this blog to anyone no matter your level of knowledge on the subject. I had almost no idea what the author was talking about in the beginning, but through some great writing and strong definition he was able to help me through the confusion. All in all he leaves decision up to me and through the info he presented I was able to make an informed and educated decision.



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