Week 3 Author Analyzation, Topic: Deer Hunting

This week my posts have focused on the most common pursuit of big game in Minnesota, White-Tailed Deer hunting. I have a great amount of experience chasing these big animals making it enjoyable for me to  share my knowledge about their character, habits, and especially what it takes to outsmart these creatures. I decided to look outside of Minnesota for my analyzation today, and look at deer hunting in Kansas. Through John Eberhart’s post, Mega Kansas Six Pointer I learned a lot about the similarities and differences of Southern White-Tails.


Overview of the Blog Post: Mega Kansas Six Pointer

John Eberhart starts his story in Michigan and works his way through the Midwest. He covers a wide variety of topics including one I failed to mention in my weekly series, public land. Public land is a great way for hunters without easy access to private land to put down deer in any state just as Eberhart does in Missouri. The bulk of the story takes place post rut on private Kansas land. He goes over the struggle of hunting post rut when most of the deer have been picked over or only the smartest remain. He takes the reader through the preparation process, but unlike my post on preparing for the hunt, Eberhart completes the entire process in a single afternoon. He spends a few days hunting and on the final day he is presented with the opportunity to take a good buck. After downing the deer he describes the situation as he approached, “I was shocked as his rack was big but only had 6 points” (Eberhart, 2). Even though it was a great deer he was surprised, he decided to take the good out of it instead of regretting his decision and be happy he was able to take a unique Kansas buck.

What I learned…

I was glad I picked this post to end my week on the topic of deer hunting. It presented some new and unique info for my reader as well as for me. The authors tone was very casual but also described the hunt very well. I try to show my emotions during the hunt and Eberhart also used language that portrayed his feelings to connect with the reader. I enjoyed his intro as much as anything, he led the reader into the life of an avid hunter during the season on a personal level. This is something I failed to do in my posts, as I only told about life in the woods during the preparation stages or hunt. At the end of the post I glanced at an ad for a weekly podcast featuring this author and was interested in seeing what he had to offer as a speaker as well as a writer. I would like to look at his tone and make a comparison between his writers voice and his speakers voice. I feel like both of our passions for the sport contribute to a stronger voice in our writings and I would like to improve my writers voice while writing about topics that don’t interest me as  much.



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